BlueShip® Transportation Management System

BlueShip® is a web-based Transportation Management System that provides all the tools necessary to effectively manage the shipments of your enterprise. Save time, reduce associated costs, and streamline your transportation needs with this customizable, web-based tool by BlueGrace® Logistics.

BlueShip® TMS interface is 100% customizable, user-friendly, and integrates with business systems and applications. In fact, it was featured in the TMS Buyers Guide by Inbound Logistics. BlueShip® provides all carrier information, and executes shipments at the touch of your fingertips. By utilizing this product into your transportation processes you improve cash flow, optimize rates and modes, and have the convenience of total consolidation.

How BlueShip® Works

Users can navigate and select the appropriate fields to fulfill shipment requirements. The user selects a carrier and mode of transportation with competitive pricing provided by BlueGrace Logistics. BlueShip® verifies shipping information and processes your order. Any discrepancies are picked up by the system and immediately notify the user. All shipping documents are stored on our cloud computing service Dock to Doc™ for your records.

Benefits of using BlueShip® Transportation Management System:

  • Shipment rating, routing and execution takes the stress out of managing your own freight.
  • Convenient, fast, and easy fulfillment process.
  • Single source for tracking, addresses and product lists increases efficiency.
  • 100% Customizable from look and feel to functionality so we are up to date with your business.

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