BlueGrace Enterprise Discover Phase

Transportation Analysis & Logistics Solutions

The initial phase of the BlueGrace Enterprise process is called the Discover phase. During Discover, our dedicated enterprise account representatives will do a full transportation analysis of your current processes to find the best ways to develop a business relationship. The transportation analysis is an in-depth process that is generally the most time consuming of the four phases of DeepBlue (the BlueGrace Enterprise Proces). This analysis will include:

  • A deep dive into your company’s past data in regards to transportation and logistics.
  • A detailed freight bill auditing, conducted by one of our freight audit specialists.
  • An in-depth market research to determine the logistics solutions used by similar companies in your industry.

The transportation analysis is conducted to determine the transportation and logistics solutions necessary to improve efficiencies and lower overall costs. Our team will then take all of the necessary data to determine what is necessary to engineer the transportation processes needed.

For more information on how to get started with BlueGrace Enterprise, please contact an enterprise solutions specialist today!