BlueGrace Enterprise Engineer Phase

Integrated Transportation Planning & Processes

After the transportation analysis and research (or Discover process)has been completed, the DeepBlue™ process moves into the Engineer phase. This phase focuses on engineering and developing the transportation processes, but begins with transportation planning between the specialist and company representatives. Once a plan has been established, the engineer phase moves towards developing the consolidated and integrated transportation processes. The engineering of these processes includes:

  • Conducting an RFP (Request for Proposal) to gather data on pricing, carrier selection and lane availability (otherwise known and transportation optimization)
  • Transportation management system integration with current company processes or systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to automate transportation processes for use across the entire organization

Through the Engineer phase, BlueGrace® Logistics and your company will work together to develop an integrated transportation model that allows you to focus on your business. Once the transportation processes needed are developed and decided on, the BlueGrace Enterprise process moves into the Execute Phase.

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