BlueGrace Enterprise Execute Phase

Implementation of Logistics Management Plan

Once the integrated transportation processes have been developed, the BlueGrace Enterprise Solutions process moves into the Execute phase. This phase is focused on the implementation of the transportation processes and technology integration into your company. In order to best “execute” the logistics management plan we have developed, we must work together to ensure the plan is implemented in each area of your company, from the docks to the accountants. The aspects of the execution and implementation phase include:

  • Development of a project timeline to ensure the integration is conducted in a timely manner
  • Assigning a dedicated project manager to ensure the implementation is successful at each level
  • Onsite training and support with our transportation management system for quoting, booking, reporting and planning

Throughout the Execute phase, your BlueGrace® Logistics dedicated project manager will work with your company to ensure a seamless transition from your current company’s processes. Once the plan and transportation management processes have been put in place, the BlueGrace Enterprise process moves into the Preserve Phase .

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