Freight Bill Auditing

BlueGrace® Logistics offers freight bill auditing to expose overcharges by LTL or full truckload carriers. We currently do a freight audit of invoices for over 800 locations and our recoveries have been excellent. You simply make available your paid freight bills or invoices, then we will do a transportation audit to check for overcharges. Our fee is fifty percent of the amount recovered, and is our only charge for freight post audit. If no overcharges are recovered, there is no charge to your company. Our service does not cost, it pays!

The process for our freight bill auditing service includes:

  • Client makes available all paid freight bills of common carriers for the past six months, or since last audit.
  • Freight bills are sent to our office where each freight bill is carefully checked to determine if any overpayment has been made by our client, to the carriers.
  • Freight bills are promptly returned to client upon completion of post audit.
  • Claims are then prepared on all freight bills where possible overcharges have been found. All such claims are then filed with the respective carriers.
  • All communications with the carriers regarding overcharge claims filed by us are handled through our office. (Client does not become involved).
  • Refund checks from the carriers are sent to the client as received and accompanied by an invoice for our commission- which is fifty percent of the amount recovered. If nothing is recovered, there is no charge to you.

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Need more information? Take a look at our Freight Auditing FAQ.