DeepBlue™ Perform Phase

Ongoing Logistics & Supply Chain Reporting

The final phase of the BlueGrace Enterprise process is the Perform phase. Once the process reaches this phase, the research and analysis has been completed, the integrated transportation planning and processes were engineered, and everything is in place with your company to ensure proper execution of all transportation management tasks. The Perform phase focuses on a variety of areas to ensure the ongoing success of our business relationship, including:

  • Periodic reviews of logistics and supply chain reporting based on your individual business needs
  • Dedicated transportation manager for ongoing process improvement, including help with claims management and freight billing issues
  • Ongoing market research and carrier management to ensure the best pricing available.

With this final phase of the BlueGrace Enterprise process, we make sure it’s a seamless integration of systems and resources to ensure a long lasting relationship between our companies. Our focus is to make the transportation management process our responsibility that we carry out without a hitch.

For more information on how to get started with BlueGrace Enterprise, please contact an enterprise solutions specialist today!